Please review some frequently asked questions.

What is it like to work with Liz?

Connect, receive, share…

When you work with me, my spirit guides connect with your spirit guides (like a phone line). Then my guides communicate the information to me from your spirit guides, and that is what I relay to you. It is important to understand this point. It is your guides that know you and from which the messages come. After all they are connected to the Devine, “God” and all his wisdom. They know what is in store for you, and are the little voice inside your head that makes you stop and think before making decisions. The same little voice that brought you here to me!

I’ll break this down in more detail so you know exactly what this entails. Once my guides connect to yours, they will download all the information they have for you into me and then I speak for them. It is not like a have a different voice or become someone different. I am simply an intermediary (the phone line) I spoke of earlier. Simply put, I ‘connect‘ with them, ‘receive‘ messages, and ‘share‘ those message with you. They filter the information through me so I can share with you what your guides’ advice for your future is. They send me messages in many different ways; I see through my third eye, and I hear messages from my guides. I can sense when your loved ones are around you as they often use my clairaudience or third eye to help me determine who they are as I do not see them like a medium would (which is as if they were there in person). Rather, I see them as more of a smokey mist of grey and white. I also get an itchy nose as if someone were tickling it with a feather very lightly!

How do I receive a reading?

While some clients prefer face to face readings, many choose to have me conduct a reading over the phone. The good news is, there’s no difference in my abilities whether we do an in-person or over-the-phone reading.

Since I work purely with energy, I can still be just as effective giving you long distance readings. I have hundreds of clients from all over the world with whom I connect via the phone. In fact, I have two dedicated clients whom I connect with frequently on the opposite side of the planet in Southeast Asia! Where you live in relation to me does not represent any barriers for a reading. There is no real difference since energy expands effortlessly and freely.

I use tarot cards for the reading as I find they help me to connect the dots of the information I receive; to help me express what it is I am seeing, sensing or hearing. I actually use the very first deck of tarot cards that I received from a good friend of mine back in 1996.

What type of information do you need from me for a reading?

The less I know the better…

When it comes to getting a reading from me, the less I know is better for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s important you don’t inject anything personal into the readings so that I am able to accurately share with you what your guides have determined you need to know. Secondly this ensures you can trust the messages that I am giving to you. This was always a pet peeve of mine in the past when I visited light workers, as they seemed to have a lot of questions for me to answer during the reading. So I would leave the session feeling as though I gave most of the information and therefore questioned the accuracy.

It is important for me when I do a reading that my guides do all the talking through me, and my ego & I take a back seat to the conversation. From time to time I may ask you for a yes or no answer to a question to help me clarify my interpretation, but that is all. In fact, I will stop you if you try to elaborate. I do save the last 5 minutes of the reading for you to gain further clarification on some messages you received or to ask any questions that you feel weren’t covered. At that time you can also ask questions of a loved one who’s passed on.

To date I have read for thousands of people including a celebrity, and currently have over 500 return clients.

Fourth question

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Fifth question

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